SOM-063 is out now!

Hey there,

after some creative pause, a new SOM is here!

About 105 minutes long, with finest Raw Deep Techno!

If you like any track(s) then please support the artist(s) and when you like the mix a thumbs up would be great! Thank you!

Party hard and have a nice day!

You can find me on:


Wehbba – Dynamo (Original Mix)
Lily Palmer – Don’t Look Back (Original Mix)
D-Unity – More Drums Please (Original Mix)
Gary Beck – Submarine (Original Mix)
Johannes Volk – Changes Of Gear (Original Mix)
Drumsauw – Nature (Original Mix)
Filipe Barbosa – Endless Beat (Original Mix)
Ackermann – Heat On The Streets (Original Mix)
D-Unity – Lazerz (Original Mix)
Ryan McKay – Strange Groove (Original Mix)
Marcal – Ainozama (Original Mix)
Marco Lenzi – Taboo (Gotshell Remix)
Alessandro Grops- Connect (Original Mix)
Rohar – Blunder (Original Mix)
DJ Dextro – Cromatica (Original Mix)
Dusky – Fridge (KiNK Remix)
Gary Burrows – Chunkfunk (Original Mix)
Harvey McKay – Caffeine (Original Mix)
Shlomi Aber – Another Dimension (Original Mix)
Keith Carnal – Ape Shit Crazy (Original Mix)
Altinbas,Cirkle – Uhlanga (Original Mix)
Truncate – Minimize (Original Mix)
Axel Karakasis – Day Zero (Original Mix)
Kuvoka – Deep Sensation (Original Mix)
KONTAL – Ever After (Original Mix)
Talfelt – Pigeon Blanc (Original Mix)

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