Hey there!

For this weeks SOM we got 1 hour with dark and heavy rhythmic driven techno!
If you like any track(s) then please support the artist(s). Thank you!

Party hard and have a nice day!

D-Unity, Juli Aristy – Look at Me (Original Mix)
Gary Beck – Lofajenik (Original Mix)
Markantonio, Atroxx – Octave Shift (Original Mix)
Unknown Archetype – Tripp (Original Mix)
Sin Sin – Pegasus (Original Mix)
Kaiserdisco – Schizophrenic (Original Mix)
Signal One – Warptrain (Original Mix)
Ramon Tapia – Sonic Therapy (Original Mix)
B.Traits – I Feel the Music (Original Mix)
SLT – Dark Side (Original Mix)
Reset Robot – Self Existence (Original Mix)
Lidvall – Wanted (Original Mix)
Adoo – Percussion Night (Original Mix)
Arjun Vagale – Age Of Lust (Orignal Mix)
Ben Sims, Truncate, ASSAILANTS – Effort 8 (Original Mix)
BILY – Mothership Approaching (Original Mix)
D-Deck, Alex Mine – Icon (Original Mix)
Christian Gerlach – Adhara (Original Mix)

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